A new day!

So I’m doing it! I’m diving into this!

I have been so hesitant in moving forward with my goals to branching out and becoming an artist. I will be honest here. I’m afraid of failure. Terrified actually. I won’t know until I try. GAH!

That said, here is the stuff I have been doing the past couple days! I have started to integrate my Instagram page onto the site so every time I post on there this site will stay up to date! With how there are so many sites to post stuff on I am always afraid I will miss a site…..or two…… or three!

I’ve also started to integrate my Etsy shop as well so you guys can see what I am selling on here too! Right now not a whole lot in that section but I do hope to expand more stuff. This is a site where I will be posting all of my original art, prints, lanyards and whatever I feel crafty with.

Lastly, the big update on the site! (or at least I think it’s big!) I integrated my YouTube channel! As I type this out I only have 4 videos so it’s nothing really amazing but this is also another one of those integrations where when I upload the video onto YouTube it “should” automatically update on this website as well! I was pretty stoked all of this stuff was working!

So what’s next?

Other than being my gangster self, I have a huge list of stuff I need to do still. The next few days I will start to color, convert and upload my artwork to my Redbubble site. Right now I have about 4 pieces on there and I have a lot more to put up. I am lazy by nature. This will be good for me though.

I made some pins of my daily doodles I really need to put up on my Etsy shop. Should be straight forward so I should get that taken care of this weekend. I do have some others I plan on creating but I will need to convert it as a vector and go from there. I’ll see how much I can accomplish this weekend.

There is the possibility of also getting some ideas down for starting up my Youtube channel. I have been really wanting to dive into that. My overall goal is to do a weekly video either as a timelapse, challenge, product review, maybe some tutorials as well. I have the ideas but have been struggling with finding that extra time. I do have a full time job which doesn’t allow me to do a lot of extra stuff I really want to do and it’s frustrating. I will get there once I have a solid schedule. If you have read this far, congrats! You are here to watch my journey as I try to grow as an artist. Thank you. You are making this possible.

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