Holy moly!

Happy day after Independence Day my beautiful people! I can’t believe I’ve been seriously neglecting this website! So much to do. So much to catch up on!

So life got hectic and I found myself sinking into art block darkness. It’s an easy thing to do really… so there have been pretty no new ideas, sketches and drawing from me in a really long time. So what have I been doing this whole time!?

Well let me tell you a few things in the happening. I’ve started to put some of my artwork online to you guys so you can buy and enjoy! I’ve been putting them on all sorts of sites! Like Amazon, Etsy, Storenvy, Redbubble, and much more! If you don’t like a certain platform to buy stuff, don’t worry! I might be on something else!

So that’s really the happening. I hope to be more active on the site as well as start diving back into this 🙂

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