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How to Pick the Perfect Colored Pencil

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Are you an aspiring artist thinking about investing in some good quality tools? If you love drawing, it is vital to select the perfect type of colored pencil for your needs.

Let’s take a look at the best colored pencils available on the market to help you make an informed decision…


As one of the most popular colored pencils used by artists, Prismacolor colored pencils offer you an assortment of a whopping 150 different colors to choose from. These are all prettily displayed in a durable storage case that you can take anywhere with you.

You can choose between either a thick or a soft core. With a thick core, you have the benefit of long-lasting color that looks vibrant and bold. While soft core has lead that allows you to effortlessly blend colors and create the shade you are looking for.


Arteza colored pencils are well-known for their bold and bright colors that are encased in a sturdy, double-hinged case.

Convenience is key with Arteza and each pencil is labeled and numbered with its specific color for ease of use. The cores are break-resistant so you can confidently go about your drawing without worrying about damaging the pencil. The lead is surprisingly soft, giving you a beautiful effect.

These are great quality pencils and the barrels are testament to this: they are strong and robust and will last you ages!

Faber Castell

Looking for colored pencils that offer vivid and bright colors that create incredible drawings? Faber Castell offers you everything you need and more, and you can buy a box with 72 vibrant colors to get the job done.

In terms of technology, Faber Castell is tops and their pencils all have lightfast pigments, are smudge and waterproof, break resistant and blend beautifully.

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